TerraPop Technical Notes

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Terra Populus Wiki[edit | edit source]

Many more notes and things here.

Adding a user to the TerraPop wiki[edit | edit source]

  1. On the TerraPop wiki page, go to Special Pages -> Log in / Create Account -> Create Account
  2. Enter the username and a random password and then click "by email." The user will receive an email with their usename and password. They will have to change their password after logging in the first time.
  3. After creating the user, go to Management page -> User Management and add them to any extra groups (if needed).

Key Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Product Owners - Tracy Kugler
  • Tech Owners - Alex Jokela is the IT lead.
  • Domain Experts - Alex Jokela, Will Lane

Legacy Information[edit | edit source]

Some PostGIS Playing notes are available, as are More Advanced PostGIS playing notes.

Using PostgreSQL Autodoc for detailed database schema.