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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page contains information about the code and processes underlying the IPUMS web-based data-dissemination systems. These systems comprise the web applications, extract engines, harmonized data, metadata, and data/metadata documentation for the IPUMS data projects.

In this context, IPUMS refers to the MPC's portfolio of 10 microdata products: AHTUS, ATUS, CPS, IDHS, IHIS, IPUMSI, MTUS, NAPP, HIGHERED, and IPUMS-USA. The common mission of these projects is to supply demographic researchers around the world with microdata that is comparable across time and political boundaries. This page is concerned with the public-facing aspects of this mission.

Key Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Product Owners: For most product prioritization, the microdata site project managers all coordinate with Matt Sobek, Sarah Flood and Katie Genadek. However, occasionally issues affecting a single project (usually more on the data preparation side) are best handled by the individual project team leads. They are: Katie Genadek (USA), Sarah Flood (overall, Time Use, CPS), Julia Rivera Drew (IHIS and MEPS), Miriam King (IDHS), Lara Cleveland (International and NAPP), Higher Ed (Dan Backman).
  • Tech Owners: Microdata sites are in a constant state of new development, so the dev team are the tech owners. Marcus Peterson is the lead of the dev team.
  • Domain Experts: Dan Elbert, Jayandra Pokharel, Jason Goray (static content)

Architectural Overview[edit | edit source]

Development Environment Setup[edit | edit source]

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Infrastructure Details[edit | edit source]